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    So I've told you about Jared's work and then jury duty. He was excused and we arrived Wednesday at 1 pm. Thursday night while walking into lemongrass (at reception.. After climbing the stairs with no problem) I twisted my ankle and broke my foot. 2nd day here. Spent the third day from 8 am til 4:00 pm at the nurse/ dr/hospital. But it's still the best vacation I have every taken.

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    Oh, good grief! So sorry about the injury but glad you've got such a great attitude.

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    OH my!!! I'm so sorry about that! Is it sure enough broken??!

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    I highly recommend taking 1-2 of the amazing floats/rafts and wrapping them around yourselves, sealing with duct tape, and wearing only sneakers for the rest of your trip

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    Glad you made the best of it! We got back last Friday and someone said a guy broke his patella while we were there. We saw him in a wheelchair sitting on a walkway on the beach. We had only heard of some sea urchin and coral run ins.

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