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    Default CN - any pics of Deluxe Garden room?

    On the description on the couples site, its the only category that doesnt have a "View Room" link. I pulled up the Garden SUITE, which looks wonderful, but does anyone have any pics to share of just the Deluxe Garden? Just booked one for July and I'm sure we will love it just the same but I just like to know ahead of time what to expect!


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    All of the rooms at CN are exactly the same. If you can find pictures of a Deluxe Ocean or Deluxe Beachfront, you will have pictures of the Deluxe Garden. The only diference is the view, which is not a big deal because you won;t spend much time in the room anyay. Don't go by the Garden Suites. The suites are the size of two of the Deluxe rooms.
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    Hopefully I've attached a photo of room #1305 (block 1 floor 3 room 5) a garden room at CN.
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    Thanks everyone! I figured that out after I posted...and they are all great. I was excited looking at the suite, thinking it was the deluxe room but yeah who's going to be in the room all the time! Can't wait now - 75 days!

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    We were at CN last June and stayed in a Deluxe Garden room. I have attached a couple photos.

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    Sorry but I was unable to attach my photos on my last post. I will try again later.

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    Default Deluxe Garden Room

    We were in 4 block on the ground floor and it was great. We had a view of the spa house and could see the beach and bay from our patio. Even though we never ordered room service breakfast we would always make coffee and enjoy it on the patio and the various birds that would come by first thing in the morning hoping to be fed. From everyone we talked to and what I have read on mb there are no bad rooms. Even though we were close to the road and tennis courts we were never bothered by noise.

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    There is a great wesite negrilonestop that has pictures of all of the room categories at both of the negril couples resorts. It helped me to pick the atrium suite at csa.

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    Hi everyone,

    We spent two weeks at Couples Negril Jan 2013 and are going back in Jan 2014. We stayed in a Deluxe Beachfront last year, but have opted to go with a Garden Deluxe. I'm guessing we will be in blocks 1 to 5 on the other side of the resort.

    Can anyone tell me which of these blocks would offer the most privacy on the balcony of the 2nd or 3rd floors??

    Thanks for any and all advice. When we get to the resort then we will have some idea where to request a room


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    We returned from our weddingmoon at CN two weeks ago and I paid extra to have a Deluxe Beachfront room. I really wish I would have saved the money and went with the garden view. Our view was not at all what I would call "beachfront", We could barely see the water. So next time, I'm definitely going Garden View.

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    the Bed Spread is now white. Just returned from CN end of April.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mb9fan View Post
    There is a great wesite negrilonestop that has pictures of all of the room categories at both of the negril couples resorts. It helped me to pick the atrium suite at csa.
    This was great advice. It has the Ochee resorts also.

    Scott and June

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    We had a beachfront room one year but have opted since then just for the garden suite. (Saved enough money to stay an extra day!) We have stayed in Building 1 and 2 and have enjoyed all the greenery as we sat on the patio. Beachfront and ocean view are nice, but you are in the room so little -- just save those bucks!

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    Agree on saving the money and going with the Garden deluxe. We had the beachfront last year and did not spend much time in the room and the view was not that impressive.

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