Been back home ten days and ready to go back to CSA!! Just wanted to touch on a few things since I was concerned about the reviews that I had been reading. I was already reserved for April 2013, September 2013 and April 2014. I told myself if any of the things I read were true I would cancel.
Well, nothing was further from the truth. If anything CSA has stepped up their game! My wife and I had a fantastic, relaxing vacation and can't wait to go back in September and April. Food, drinks, service all were absolutely perfect. We did the pre-checkin and our mini bar was stocked when we got to our room and they restocked the Red Stripe & water every day. We had a beautiful BFVS and I saw them rake the beach every other day and the other areas every day. Even the pests selling pot on the beach and and on edge of swimming area were less. I always said if I was to stop going to Jamaica it would be because of the constant harassment to buy. It was definitely less and within reason. The weather was 85-87 everyday and only 60 seconds of rain the entire week. We also saw some beautiful weddings and met some very nice people.
I can see the people who complain....I think they expect something different. 5 star at CSA is different from 5 star at the Wynn Las Vegas. I do both and prefer CSA. I like Vegas but, they could give a crap whether I am there or not...its all about the money. CSA truly makes me feel welcome, like I am part of a family and they care that I am having a good time.(and, the food is better at CSA)
Go with no will have a GREAT relaxing time. Welcome home!!
Dana & Wendy