We will be at CSA for our honeymoon 5/27-6/6! We always like to get a day or two in of touring the country while on vacation, but we are a bit torn. There seems to be plenty to do at the resort that there really would be no need to leave, but would like to leave our options open and be prepared ahead of time. Our experience is that going on tours directly through the resort is much more costly than doing it on our own.

Any suggestions for day excursions? Dunn River is out since it would be so far, we don't want to spend the day in a bus the whole time!

I have it on my list in the evening to go to the luminous lagoon-it appears to be an hour away from CSA, but I am still trying to figure out how to get there and back-how safe is a taxi ride in the middle of the night??

Thank you!