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    Default need help for Mesha

    We were just at CN May 25-June 5th. We really loved the new bar at the Au Naturel beach. Mesha is very proud of the bar. We really enjoyed catching up with Mesha. Her warm, happy smile was a delight every day. But here's the deal. The new bar's cabinets are all up high. Mesha has to climb to get to anything in the cabinets. She was using a bucket turned over to step on. There were several times I thought she was going to fall. And at night when she closed up, she had a hard time closing the cabinet doors. They keeps falling and mashing her fingers. So my husband went on a campaign to get her a step stool. We talked to the bar manager and then went to the resort manager, Ricardo. They promised to get her one. The last 4 days that we were there they kept telling us they were building one for her. When we left she still didn't have it.

    So here is what I want all of you to do. If you are down there, check and make sure she has one. If not, please go and suggest to management that she needs one. We want Mesha safe. We don't want her to fall and hurt herself.

    And also if you are there have a great time and tell Mesha "Hi from Linda & Ricky"
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    Amen to that........Mesha is great............anything we can do to help her, we will do
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    Mesha is wonderful - hopefully the powers that be have taken care of getting her a stool. The new bar looks great - can't wait to try it out next April.

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    We just got home from CN and enjoyed talking to Mesha every day (except her day off). There is a nice two step stool in the bar for climbing. It looks very sturdy but I'm not sure if its easy to move around. Even with the stool there are places where equipment, kegs, and other things are in places where they are in the way of putting the stool where it needs to be to easily reach the cabinets.
    It looks like they tried to build the bar like the some of the beach bars at CN but got the measurements wrong. The new bar at CN is way larger and the cabinets are higher. In addition the bar counter is so wide that its not easy for the bartender to slide your drinks over to you and it can't be done at all in some places where sinks and other equipment are installed.
    They should maybe have put one long door on each set of cabinets that can be closed and locked to cover all the cabinets in a row instead of dozens of narrow doors that have to be closed and locked individually.
    All that being said the bar looks great and Mesha was enjoyable to talk to and the drinks were great!

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    Roy...That is great news. Glad you were able to let my husband and me know that she got her stool. I agree with the width of the bar but is nice to have a place to get out of the rain without leaving the beach altogether. Its a nice bar.

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    We were also at CN in June and my wife absolutely loved Mesha! She always took great care of us. I am glad to hear that she has gotten a little help. Mesha is a special person and we hope to see her again.

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    It's so nice to see people helping others, especially Mesha. We just returned from CN and were so glad to see her. She keeps smiling and singing, despite how much pain she must be experiencing from injuring her knee on the job. She has a step ladder, but to see her climb with that big brace on her knee makes me nervous. She needs surgery in Kingston, but can't afford the out-of-pocket expense. Email me for more info., I'm also on FB.Name:  Negril_MESHA-001.jpg
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