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Thread: Aug 30 - Sept 6

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    Default Aug 30 - Sept 6

    Who will be there --David and Beth

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    I will be getting married at CSA on September 1st! We will be at the resort from 8/28-9/5.
    Kim & Ben

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    Check out the post called **august 2009** there's a long list there for you!!

    We'll be there Aug 25- Sept 2. Looking forward to it!!!

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    Default Mike and Beth

    I hope we will. We have it narrowed down to 2 resorts and I am leaning towards Swept Away. Can you help push us over the edge?

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    just curious-- which resort did you decide??

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    Wayne, and Lil will be there Sept.28th-Oct.6th. WHOOO-HOOO!!!! 18 MORE DAYS!

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