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    Default Anything special for Birthdays?

    We will be at CSA July 6th-14th and my husband's 33rd birthday happens to fall during this time (lucky him!!). I was curious if Couples does anything special to celebrate birthdays (such as a cake, special dinner, etc.), and if it costs extra? Also, if anyone has any fun ideas to celebrate this day, please share.

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    I'm wondering the same thing about anniversaries.

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    Email the hotel and you can go ahead and make a reservation for dinner that night ahead of time. They also do cakes. I got a chocolate cake for mine that was a round 6-8" cake. Very good. They brought it out after dinner and sang.

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    We have been at CN for several years for my birthday in October. They have always provided a bottle of sparkling wine in the room. One year, the chef brought a chocolate cake and a bottle of sparkling wine to us on the beach to share with our beachmates. It's probably best to notify Couples ahead of time of the special day. They have never charged us extra so far, but they may have options I'm not aware of that they do charge for. I would just ask upon check-in.

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    Make sure they know that you'll be celebrating a special event (birthday, anniversary, etc.) during check-in and they'll do something special at no additional cost. They've done that with us on each anniversary we've spent with them. Of course there's always the option to do something special for him (i.e. dinner on the beach, massage, etc.)

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    Couples does not do anything special for birthdays but believe me, you will feel very special because you get to be at this resort. It is awesome!

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    Thanks for all of the suggestions! I certainly will bring it up to them on check-in. 58 days ~ can't wait!

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