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    Default CSA Bathroom Lighting Needs Help

    So I come back home after a blissful 9 days at CSA (my 4th trip)...including our intimate beachfront wedding, only to find my eyebrows outta control!

    I'd love to suggest to the good folks at CSA that additional lighting be placed in the CSA Atrium suites. This is my sole complaint each time.

    Yes, there's a magnifying mirror, which only means you see your dark self a smidge closer

    If you close the wonderful shutters so as not to give the folks walking down the sidewalk a good look at your not-s0-perfect naked body, it makes the room even darker.

    Yoo hoo, Randymon... please pass this on to Karen or the Ops Manager!



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    We just got back from CSA on Tuesday & I agree. The whole room (Atrium suite) was very dark. If you leaned right up to the bathroom mirror, then that lighting helped, but if you stood back right at the counter 'twas dim.

    We had the same issue our last time at CSA 7 yrs ago in our Atrium suite, but our eyes are 7 yrs older now........


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    I wondered about the same thing and am going to use this excuse next time! I am now sure that the bathroom mirror was at fault for me not seeing clearly when getting ready for dinner It had nothing to do with the wine.
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    Sorry, nothing helpful to add...

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    Where they really need better light is in the ladies room by the Cabana Grill.

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    When we were there in December I mentioned this to Karen and she said you could call the front desk and ask them to switch out the light bulbs to a brighter one.

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    I always thought I looked tanner in that dim light.

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    I think this just shows how awesome Couples is..... your only compliant is the bathroom is a tad too dark when you close the blind lol!!!

    Only 131 days until we return for a 14 split stay between Sans Souci and CSA!!!!!

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    I don't think I have been in any bathroom in any room type over the last 6 trips to CN and Swept Away, that the lighting was very good in the bathroom. Of course being a man, I don't particularly want to see what I look like (don't know how my wife stands it at times) and I can shave by feel if I have to. I did notice towards the end of our October stay at Swept Away, that there was a lighted make up mirror in our bathroom, one that extended out from the wall, but we were in a beach front verandah suite so I don't know if they are in all the rooms there or not. It seemed to work ok cause my wife used it and said nothing. But I have noticed, everyone looks fantastic to me at a Couples, so no worry mon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaraforty View Post
    Where they really need better light is in the ladies room by the Cabana Grill.
    Yes, yes, I agree w/ this too !! You walk in there from the sunlight & you're blinded by the darkness. You have to use one of the end stalls so at least there is light that comes through the window slats.

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    Default Agree

    I agree, let's all book rooms in the new section, and let those old duffers in Atrium Suites squint at themselves every night!

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    Depending on your vice, the dark could be a good thing........

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    I thought this exact thing for several years of CSA atrium visits......,then I discovered the hidden switch on the magnifying mirror that illuminates it with a startlingly bright light! You have to double rotate the silver switch to turn it on.

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    I'll have to look for that switch in October, Ruth....thanks! As for db's "old duffers" comment...this old duffer will continue to stay with her new husband/duffer in the atrium suites!!

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