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    Default CTI Beach and Swimming

    Hello. I know the beach at CTI is small but private. What I'm wondering is what the swimming is like. Is there a sandy soft bottom or do you need water shoes? From the pics it looks like there is a lot of coral close to the shore. Just hoping you can walk out a little ways without worrying about what you are going to step on. Also, what about floating in the water with the floaties. I haven't seen any photos of people doing that. Is there too much activity in that area with water sports that people don't generally float in the ocean?

    Thanks everyone. 130 sleeps to go......
    Sharon "gravysgal"

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    Hey Sharon,

    I have never worn water shoes except when I went to Dunns River. There is really no need for them. Nothing rocky to step on. Everyday, I took my floatie out and floated with no problem. There is a roped area for swimming that isn't affected by any of the water sports. Have fun!!!

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    Pictures of the Beach/Ocean at CTI from July
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    Irie Mon

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    Hey Kristen and Jon, thanks so much for the info. I cannot wait to try CTI.

    Kristen, you were a really great support to me while I was dealing with my Mom's cancer and later her death in April of this year (thread was Prayers for my Mom). I wanted to say thank you to you again. Hugs.
    Sharon "gravysgal"

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