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    Default Issa trust foundation donations

    I was on Facebook the other day and they are looking for donations(they always need them). They can always use cash( donate that to their website). They can always use toothpaste and tooth brushes too. Also brand new nebulizers and tubing and pulse ox machines. If you have it in your hearts , send them to

    Diane Pollard
    2401 8th street court sw
    Altoona IA, 50009

    Diane runs the foundation and will get these items to Jamaica. Thanks for reading .

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    The Issa trust Foundation is a wonderful way to TIP the children of Jamaica..Since we do not the employees of Couples then donating to the Issa Trust Foundation is appreciated...I thank Diane Pollard and all of her fellow co-workers for the "Beyond The Call of Duty" work they are doing for the children of Jamaica.

    Donate now and know YOU can make a difference.

    Hugs from Tommywommy

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    I agree Tommy, they are angels!

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