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    Default Curried Goat at CSS Belle Vista?

    My husband went crazy over the Curried Goat served at the CSs Belle Vista. Now that we are returning after many years away, can anyone tell me if that is still on the menu. That is all he has been talking about.
    Thanks, LisaS

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    Not sure if they still serve it at Bella Vista, but I'm sure I HEARD a goat one morning at Pallazina! LOL

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    My wife and I were there for our weddingmoon in mid-March, and I did not see goat on any of the menus, or at any of the buffets. The only place we did not have a chance to eat at was the Beach Party. I heard rumor they had the goat there, but do not know for sure. I also did not see any Conch, and they were out of Escargot while we were there. I was SO looking forward to trying all of those foods!! We are headed back next April, so I can let you know when we get back.

    CN/CSS 2014 - 354 days and counting!

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    Didn't see it on the menu at Bella Vista. Get a good cab driver and head up onto the hills and you can find some for sure.

    Scott and June

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    They had it at the Beach BBQ Tuesday night .

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    I would think it is on the menu, I had it at CN back in January. Very good!

    Duane & Mary

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    I agree with NSfolks. They usually have curried goat on the menu for the Beach Party. Hubby and I love it too!:-)

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