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    Wow, finally booked last minute! We are there May 8-13th in the BFVS. Short stay unfortunately but the place is completely full and we were lucky to get anything. Has anyone else stayed in a BFVS before? Any tips regarding them? Thanks.

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    The best one are closest to the old section. Best beach access is first floor, best privacy and view is third floor. Enjoy your stay and have a Bob Marley for us.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Loved our first floor view, 4122Name:  IMG_20110421_092355.jpg
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    If you are lucky enough to get a first floor room, get the key for the veranda doors, it's nice to be able to access your room from the beach. There is a twenty dollar deposit on the key I found out so don't lose it. Have a great trip!

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    Wow! Thanks for the picture! It says a thousand words to me, lol!

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    We are scheduled to stay in one for our weddingmoon, but we requested the top floor for privacy. I love that photo.

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