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    No shorts. I'm 6'7 with a 36" can manage.

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    Doh, misread. Everywhere BUT 8 Rivers, that's fine. Mod, can you condense/merge these posts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sproffitt View Post
    OK here is my problem I Understand what casual dress is and elegant dress but what is Resort Chic ? I am a tall guy 6'5"and dress pants for me in that size are close to Impossible to find. so i guess aside from Eight Rivers can i get in with Nice dress shorts and a polo or button up shirt?
    You an wear shorts any where but 8 rivers.i have seen people in t-shirts an cutoff which I think is tacky. So nice shorts would be fine.

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    cool thanx for the info. 9 DAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You can find dress pants! Old Navy has them online only for tall guys. My husband also finds dress pants at Bergner's and Macy's. He is 6'5" as well.

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