As I look in the mirror, I can see that the glorious tan that I got while at CTI recently, is already beginning to fade. Iíve only been home for five days.

I can not see the lush vegetation all around the property. There is no Bayview in my line of sight. The huge mangrove trees that follow the path to Asian delights, are now only a digital reproduction. Flat, one dementional, a second in time, captured forever.

I can not see the warm sands of the beach, nor the ever advancing Carribbean as its waves keep coming ashore. The sounds of the water breaking against the sand, is to far away and inaudible.

I hear no laughter. No conversation. No sound of humanity. Only unsweetened silence. No matter how I strain, no matter how I try, the sounds of life and happiness and enjoyment that I had while I was there, is now committed to my memory. Along with millions of other remembrances. Filed somewhere in my brain. And I can go to that great storage vault in my head, any time I like.

While itís painfully true that we are not ďthereĒ, the memories we bring home with us, can bring smiles to our faces time and time again. We all take home these treasures, these experiences that seem to have a huge impact on our lives. The effect is almost universal. It may have started out as just a great vacation destination, but by the time any of us leave, we are swept up in an emotional explosion that will affect our lives forever. Or least for a very long long time.

I may not be able to inhale the aroma of jerk chicken as it wafts through the air, or spend some time with friends at the main bar, or feel the calm cool breeze on a warm Jamaican night, but in my mind, itís all there. Anytime I have a spare minute where I can stop and close my eyes, I can conjure up fragmented bits and pieces of sheer ecstasy. I smile inside and out. I can feel that moment. I can remember it all so clearly inside my minds projector. And for the time being, thatís all I will have. Until we are able to return once again.

But memories can be strong and powerful. They will bring some comfort over the coming months. Memories treasured.