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    Default A/C in CSA atrium suites??

    My husband and I have booked our first trip to CSA in a few weeks. We've booked an atrium suite & I just read a review that said some of them have no a/c. Is this true? I thought all rooms as CSA had a/c. I don't think my husband would forgive me if there weren't!

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    We had AC in our atrium room.

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    All rooms have ac, must have been on trip advisor. Another lie

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    Hi! Tic77!

    I read that review when it first posted and I sent her a message on TA.
    This is what I sent her:

    We have been to Swept Away 5 times, we were there April 9th thru 17th and are heading back July 9th thru the 17th!! (Love that Love Away plan!)
    ALL the rooms have A/C!!
    We have stayed in the atrium, beachfront and garden, we now prefer the garden(gotta have my T.V. at bedtime!!).
    The A/C is that white box thingy at the top of the wall and is operated by a remote control.
    Go the the couples website and do the 360 views of the rooms and you will see what I'm talking about.
    The settings are in Celsius so hubby likes it set at 16 or 17, don't know what that equals in fahrenheit, but at night I get really cold, so I always have to put on socks, long sleeve tops,etc.(gotta remember to ask for extra blanket this time!)
    I guess to conserve, they NEVER have the A/C on when you Check In and housekeeping sometimes turns it off when they clean the room, but it does not take long to cool back down.
    Sorry so long! We love this place and wanted you to know about the A/C when you come back!!

    She answered back less than an hour later, they were actually still there!!
    So..they got to have A/C for the last full day and night they were there and thanked me for letting them know!

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    All the rooms have ac.

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    I read that too, but we absolutely had AC in our Atrium suite! And it worked very well......Not sure what they were talking about on that review.

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    No worries. They all have AC and a ceiling fan.

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    All rooms have a/c..... this comes up and confuses newbies all the time because the Atrium rooms have shutters you close if you want to turn on the a/c or you can leave the shutters open to let in fresh air. If you want to use the a/c, just close the shutters and it cools off very quickly in the room.

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    C to F approximate conversion is double and add 30. 16 x 2 = 32+30 = 62. This will be within a few degrees.

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