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    Default One Love Bus Crawl - July 9th?

    My husband and I will be at Couples Swept Away Saturday, July 6th through Sunday July 14th, traveling with another couple. We can hardly wait and are counting down the days (and minutes)! I have contacted Lenbert about doing a private bar crawl on Tuesday, July 9th. He is okay with this, but would like about 15 people. We already have 4 and are looking for more people to join us. If you are interested, let me know! Should be a great time!!

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    If anyone is interested, email Lenbert at and let him know how many are in your party and that you want to join the Couples Swept Away crawl for Tuesday, July 9th. ~64 days!!

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    We have and our group of 4 is scheduled with you....can't wait!!

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    Yay, so glad you signed up! Should be a fantastic time! See you in 41 days!

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    My husband & I are signed up for the pub crawl on Wednesday, but I emailed Lenbert to see if we could swap for Tuesday instead! Hope to see you all there!

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    I'm so glad you will be joining us!! Looks like we have at least 10 confirmed...that's great! Hope we can get more!

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    Can't wait!!! 32 days

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    Only 8 more days until we are in paradise!! If anyone else is interested in joining us for the pub crawl on July 9, please sign up with Lenbert soon. You can avoid an overcrowded bus and do the crawl on a night where there are not a lot of resort activities going on.

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    We are there on July 10th to the 17th, what's this pub crawl, our second time at CSA, never heard of it, anyone shed some light on this? thx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damenc View Post
    We are there on July 10th to the 17th, what's this pub crawl, our second time at CSA, never heard of it, anyone shed some light on this? thx.
    Hi Damenc- Too bad you will not be there on the 9th! I have not experienced the pub crawl, first time to Negril for us. If you look up One Love Bus Bar Crawl on trip advisor you will find some more information. It is a pub crawl on a bus, where you vist about 8 local bars in Negril. It is free, but tip is expected and you have to pay for your drinks/food at each bar. I have heard great things about it. The only negative I have seen is that the bus can sometimes be very crowded, but this is all part of the experience! Have a great trip!

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    I have emailed to see if there is still availability... considering the 9th is my b-day, this would be a great way to celebrate.


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    And we're booked to go on the 9th!

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    I'm pretty sure there is still plenty of room lcameron! My hubby's bday is the day before, on the 8th. So sounds like there will be plenty to celebrate - what a great way to do it!

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    Hello my pub crawl friends! Had a great time and sad to be back home! If you have any good pics to share from the pub crawl, could you please email them to me? Especially of the cliff jumping and the group pic in front of the bus. My email is Thanks!

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