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    Default CSS Memories to last forever ~~~

    I know that most people post their excitement and anticipation about their upcoming trips ---- and many post fabulous reviews and what they took away with them from the Jamaican paradise. So - I am sorry if this post offends some of you.

    My husband and I were returning “home” this spring for the fourth time in as many years to CSS. We first went in 2010 and were immediately hooked. We both loved the lush, tropical atmosphere. We were given the Prime Minister suite in “D” block on the first time. Awesome views. We thought it was THE BEST block of rooms until we discovered “G” block the next year. The views were magnificent. We spent most of our time at that end of the resort and much of it in the private cove. And we were delighted the third year to have an even BETTER room in “G”. The days were always spent with no schedule, no rush …… no worries, Mon. We explored every single nook and intimate cranny of the grounds.

    We were so excited about returning this year as we always are. I had bought him a special shirt to wear the night of our private dinner ---- we did that every year in the gazebo. We had become friends with so many of the staff. We couldn’t wait to see them. We looked forward to the repeaters dinner spent with Pierre and other special staff members and the exquisite food. We looked forward to the beach party with the steel drums and amusing fashion show. We looked forward to the sparkly, magical and entertaining Starlight Gala.

    But on March 22nd, my life changed forever. My husband died suddenly in the early hours of the morning from a heart attack. He was 52. No prior warning symptoms --- he saw his doctor regularly. My heart broke that morning as my knight in shining armor rode away – never to return.

    After the initial shock wore off, I came to the bleak realization that I would never return to our beloved “vacation home”. How could I? without him? without being a “couple”?

    Cherish those times with the one you love. Make the most of every experience and live life to the fullest.

    The memories are strong and vivid of our fantastic annual visits to CSS. Those can never be taken from me. My comforting thought is that I had that chance to share several special times in our Jamaican paradise with the man who will have my heart forever.

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