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    Default 'incidentals' at CTI?

    my new wife and I are eagerly awaiting our stay at CTI next week. We noticed they require a credit card hold for 'incidentals'. Any tips on what these would be, and how to avoid them would be great. This message board has answered all our questions so far, and is a great tool for new travelers. We appreciate your help.

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    You will be aware of all the "incidentals". They only include what you spend at the gift shop or Spa, phone calls, etc. There are no hidden charges.
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    "Incidentals" would include long distance phone calls from your room, even local calls for that matter. We paid a bundle trying to get an excursion reserved with Chukka which was a local call. As well when you are at CTI you can charge things from the gift shop or upgraded select wines etc to your room and that would show up on your final bill hence a credit card to cover that just in case.

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    You won't be charged for incidentals w/o knowing about it. Items would be: gift shop purchases, spa services, etc. Anything that is an extra cost and not included. You would sign for those items to be charged to your room and in turn, when you check out, those items will be charged to the credit card you gave them.
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    It’s no different than any other hotel you ever stay at. If you purchase anything and charge it to your room, Spa treatments, items from the gift shop etc… It’s not something you need to worry about or be surprised when you check out… they won’t be adding charges for say an “extra towel” or anything like that. Just the stuff you want to charge. Most of the time the balance will be $0. 

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    hey there...there is a thread on this:
    Bottom line, you shouldn't have anything to worry about....
    We'll be it CTI next week too!! :-) can't wait to be back there!

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    spa services, phone calls home, gift shop

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    They take an imprint of your credit card just in case you want to charge things to your room. This could be anything from the gift shop or phone calls.

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    If you don't want to spend any more money while at couples you really don't have to , to have a great time. Things you can pay extra for are spa,gift shop, and some romantic extras like dinner on the beach.

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    This can be for anything you may charge to your room from the shops or spa.

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    Gift shop purchases, massage or other spa sessions, etc. Nothing will be "snuck in" on you - you sign for anything that is an extra charge.

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    The resorts are cashless so you charge stuff to your room like giftshop purchases, the photo desk, phone calls home, spa services, private dinners.

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