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    Default Confused on rooms help!!! CSA

    CSA GVS! Why does there seem to be so many different looking rooms in this category? From info to pictures! Very confusing! Have heard there is older section and newer! Have also heard all GVS are near the road? I just seen a video online that someone posted of a GVS, looks just like a Atrium room but no hammock. Has shutters all around the room. Also not near any road from what I see and hear.Anyone know? As far as req a room we don't know what to do now! Kinda stressing? Can anyone please help bring light to what is right?

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    Hello- I found a youtube video out there with better room views for the categories. That helped us decide where to stay. I read where the GVS rooms are at the back, furthest away from the beach. We just booked a trip for December 2013 for our 30th. We upgraded to oceanfront view(which is partial view). We didn't want to take a chance on getting a free upgrade once we arrived, it only cost few hundred dollars more.. The oceanfront where we are staying is right by the hot tub and centrally located.

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    Most of them are along the back of the property along the road although there are some rooms next to the Palms restaurant building with extra long staircases that are probably gvs. I think you must be talking about those. We stayed in the older section less than two weeks ago and loved it. Have stayed in the newer side too. Very nice also.
    How about not requesting anything and just see what you end up with, you might be surprised and love it like we did. If you would like a few pics of the older ones, and a shot of the view from the new gvs, email me at

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    the ones with the shutters are near the road (the old section) the new section rooms are not, we have stayed in both. we just came back, we stayed in a beautiful GVS by the road (old section) for the first time and it was one of the most secluded rooms at the resort and we weren't bothered by the road one bit, quit stressing Mon you are on your way to paradise and both rooms are great

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    I asked the same question last week. I'm still confused. So we booked an Atrium Suite. LOL

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    Go to the Swept Away site and click on "map and 360 deg. view". That will show you what's what, and where it is. You'll see the road.

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    I'll try to explain. Look at the map on the resort page. The GVSs are all along the road.

    The four buildings to the right are in the new section and have 3 floors with 4 units each floor. Look at GVS 360 view for those. The rooms on the new side are all pretty much identical except the middle two units on each floor have no side windows. The end units have one wall of side windows.

    The buildings to the left of center were once known as Garden Suites and have been renamed to GVS. They are two floors with 4 suites per floor. They are very similar to an Atrium except the middle two suites on each floor have no side windows. The units on each end have one wall of windows. The 360 for the Atrium is pretty close to what you are getting. The 2nd floors are lofted just like an Atrium. The other difference is no hammock. There is a rocker that I think is similar to what you see on the Premier Beach front suites and a standalone couch. It's been since 2003 since I've been in one of the old Garden rooms. There is also plexiglass in the back (road side) windows in the bathroom and entry way to kill the road noise. There are 6 of these buildings, three on either side of the main lobby building.

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    Thank you all for info! Jimpat1 good info! Though I luv the look of the older GVS, I have been told the old section has no tv. Hubby said he wants a tv! Either way I know we would like a room on the ends! No center room and no 1st floor! So we will check in req and hope for the best!

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