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    My fiance and I are going to Couples Swept Away for our honeymoon from July 1 to July 8 in a Beachfront Verandah Suite room. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations about what we should do before we get there or even while we are there? This is our first real trip together and neither one of us have been anywhere in the Caribbean. Also, if we go off the resort, do places take American currency? Thanks so much!

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    Stay on the resort your first time, unless you choose to do a separate excursion. (we hope to go deep sea fishing and its really inexpensive)
    The place is great, you really wont want to leave.
    I suggest splurging on taking a small airplane transfer instead of the van transfer. The drive is too long after a long travel day. Its also really cool.
    One you arrive at the airport and go through customs, you will go to the couples lounge sign in for your van transfer. You wont be doing anything prior to going to the resort.

    Ask for a Mosquito candle and bring repellant for the evenings.

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    Talk with other guests as majority of them are repeaters and have great suggestions of stuff to do and eat. Have to try a bob marley, I only suggest one though! Be willing to try new things and try a little bit of everything at the restaurants. Dont miss the sunsets on the beach. Get to know the staff as they are amazing and very helpful. Hope you enjoy as we have just booked our third trip to CSA for Nov 2014.

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    Pretty much every place will take U.S. currency. However, if you go on the One Love Pub Crawl, you might want to get some JA currency, since many of the bars are small and will give you change in JA (with a very unfavorable exchange rate).

    Since this is your first trip to the Caribbean, you need to learn about "Island Time." Things definitely happen at a slower pace (this is a GOOD thing).

    Be sure to visit the sports complex across the road. There are tennis courts, jogging trail, lap pool, jacuzzi, spa, smoothie bar, fitness center, and other amenitities.

    Take a walk along the shore off the resort. We like to go in the morning when it is still fairly quiet (less vendors to deal with). Don't get me wrong, we love the vendors, but think about about a romantic stroll with your SO. Vendors just don't fit in the picture. You can walk for MILES if you go south of the resort.

    Order the continental breakfast room service at least one day. There is something very peaceful about munching on fresh fruit and drinking delicious coffee on your own verandah.

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I've attached a couple photos from January of our BFVS room.

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    We'll be there July 1st to July 8th as well! This is our 3rd time to Jamaica and first time at a Couples Resort. Dunns River is fun, it's a great experience! We also went Dune buggying in the rain!

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