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    Default Beach vendors at CN

    Hi. We will be arriving at CN in exactly 15 days for the first time. Yippy! Those that have been there, can you tell me what kind of things the beach vendors have? We would like a souvenir from our anniversary trip along with something for the kiddos. Also, what is the price range of these things? Thanks in advance!

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    Vendors fall into several categories -- there may be more than one vendor selling similar items. Price ranges are estimates -- depending on how much you're willing to bargain, how much you buy from a single vendor, etc., you might pay more or less.

    1. Hand-carved wooden objects such as animals, vases, sea life, etc. Prices range from $20 to several hundred dollars depending on size, complexity, etc.

    2. Clothing -- hats, sarongs, cover-ups, bags, leather sandals. Prices range from $15 and up.

    3. Jewelry -- necklaces, earrings, bracelets. Most of it is pretty inexpensive.

    4. Paintings (no frames). Not sure of the prices.

    5. Straw bags. Prices are about $20 and up, depending on size.

    There are a few other vendors but these are the main ones. They all bargain and readily take US money as well as Jamaican. We've bought several items over the years (wooden carvings and clothing) and have been very pleased. If memory serves, the "big day" with all the vendors is Monday; other days, some of the vendors will be there but not all. Some days, no one is there.

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    If you're looking for souvenirs, there are better options than the roaming beach vendors. The response from "ggo85" gives you a good idea of what the beach vendors have. Take a walk down the beach to the right (as you face the ocean) past a couple resorts and you will a much larger selection of mostly hand crafted items ranging from jewelry for a couple dollars to wood carvings from 5 dollars to over $100. CN also allows a few of this type of vendor to set up on the property a few days per week. Or, take the "Walk to Craft Market" inclusion for even more of a selection. There are also the shopping trips to a shopping center with actual souvenir shops with more commercially manufactured items.
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