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    Default 5th Trip and more confused than ever!

    OMG we have a wonderful return to our first love CN! This was our 5th trip (CN 06, 07 CSS 08, 10) and this trip was back to CN. I forgot how much I love that beach, the water is so clear and the colors when the sun is just right!!!!!!! I forgot how much I like the compact layout, yet the grounds that in our opinion are a very close second to CSS. That beautiful pool! The rooms are exactly as we remember minus the yellow bedspreads, and plus the new sinks.

    I will be writing a full review on TA which I will post a link to here, but in the meantime I felt the need to rave a bit.

    My expectations were met and exceeded. We had so much fun with the staff. From Ruth Ann, Carlos in Entertainment, Bartenders Franklyn, Tennyson, Latoya, to Kerry Ann in the gift shop! Omar, Jevan, and Smitty who took us on our Private Boat Cruise to the Negril Lighthouse, Rick's Cove and Rockhouse. That was one incredible day! If you are looking for a way to use your resort cash I highly suggest doing this. We had our group of 6 and those 3 watersports guys made it so very special. Forever memories.

    I really thought CSS had taken over my heart as my favorite, but now after returning to CN, I am as confused as ever! Which one is number 1? It truly changes every 5 minutes it is more a problem now knowing than it was as a newbie not knowing trying to decide.

    Although we had toured CSA back before Trading Places Days we returned for a Trade Day to explore the resort further. We decided we will stick with our 2 fav's CN & CSS.

    I have one suggestion for the balconies. We stayed at another resort chain that had fold down racks on the balconies. One rod is not enough to try to dry bathing suits and cover ups. They were racks that folded down flat against the wall but when pulled up had several rows you could use to hang stuff. It would eliminate people hanging things on chairs rails etc.

    Loved the addition of Red Stripe in the bottle in the mini bars! I had heard lots of complaining about a reduction of premium liquor. I have to say the only thing I personally noticed was the absence of Absolut, but they had Stoli, so all was good, and Grey Goose is still available in the Piano Bar.

    Love the fact that Resort Photographers are so readily available at CN to capture moments.

    Since our last trip Lychee was new, we loved it! We ate there twice. The treehouse was also new, we had our massage there, that was incredible, although for a minute I got worried when instead of listening to birds I was listening to a power washer, but all was good it only lasted a few minutes.

    Food as always is way above other AI's where we have stayed. It is so important to us!

    We saw more entertainment this trip than all the rest combined. We were very entertained. The night of the Bonfire, the man singing had the most beautiful voice!!!!!!! It was so nice to dance on the beach with my husband listening to him. His voice captivated me immediately. The Reggae Band was awesome! Did Bob Marley some justice. We enjoyed it all.

    We had lots of rain, so unfortunately were unable to do the Cat Cruise which we love, but we took the kayaks out a couple days just to get back out on the water! We had fun just walking hand and hand in the rain! A vacation is truly what you make of it.

    CN was our first Couples Resort the one where we truly fell in love again, and after returning there I found it still owns a piece of my heart. Where would we go next time?

    I think we truly would have to flip a coin.

    Tripadvisor report soon come.......


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    Hi Mzambo,
    Thanks for an excellent post. We know the struggle. CN was our first also, then CSA, then CSS and CTI. We love CN, CSS and CSA all for different reasons -- each is unique and special to us. So the way we have been fortunate to solve the issue of # one is to go to Jamaica twice a year for two weeks at a time -- in the Spring (April/May) we go to CSS for a week and then to another resort in the Moby area the second week, and then in the Fall (November) we spend one week at CSA and the second week at CN. So I guess you can say our # one is a three-way tie.

    And speaking of CSS, we will be there starting next Tuesday the 7th.

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