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    Default CSA - Best lunch option?

    Planning a Trading Places day at CSA and I have not been there since before Couples took over the resort.
    Since we are only there for lunch, which is the best lunch option at CSA?
    Any recommendations much appreciated.

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    It really depends what you are in the mood for. We just spent 9 days at CSA and enjoyed all of the options, depending on our mood.

    The Palms for a salad bar with hot options and grilled fish.
    Patois Patio for a rustic pizza (Jamaican diavola (sp?) mmm.....) or prepared salad or other a la carte items. (if you hurry, when you get there at 10, you might still be able to catch the banana stuffed French toast for breakfast-I think the website says they are open until 11 am for breakfast??-computer is acting up and won't open the menu files)
    Cabana Grill for jerk chicken or a jerk pork wrap and fries or onion rings.
    Seagrapes for a fish sandwich, fruit plate or smoothie, and sweet potato chips with varying dips.

    You can't go wrong with any of the options, just follow your impulses. Also, all of the menus are on display in the entrances of Patois Patio and the Palm, but not sure if they just show dinner menus or lunch options as well.


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    At the Palms you have a buffet lunch to select from. We like to check out Sea Grapes just outside that restaurant on the beach to see if they have fish tacos grilled up fresh. That and their sweet potatoe chips with dip while waiting work out great. You can also try a fruit smoothie there. After you are done with lunch at Sea Grapes another option to add would be to go into the Palms to check out their dessert section. Food is everywhere and it is all very good. There is a third option for lunches which is the Cabana Grill by the pool on the south end of the resort but this is basic comfort food. We love Sea Grapes for lunch. You will too.

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    Is there still an option for frozen coffee drinks ? I could drink those for a good chunk of the day.

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    I prefer Sea Grapes, for its relaxed vibe and location on the beach. It also has self-serve Red Stripe, water, sodas, and ice cream. We were there for 11 days in late February, and we had lunch at Sea Grapes several times, Patios Patio a few times, Cabana Grill once, and Palms not at all.

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    We love Patois Patio for lunch if we're planning to just have a very long and leisurely lunch. We think food is a little better there, and just find the service and drinks to be a bit more upscale. Seagrapes has a great gazpacho and nice light offerings, and nothing beats lunch on the beach!


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    If you really want to get the flavor of CSA, go to Patois for lunch. Not many people make the effort to go there (you need to have on dry clothes for one thing, not just a bathing suit and pareo). We love the upscale menu for lunch and ala carte dining. The pizzas are, of course, terrific, but so is the seafood linguini (yum!). When at CSA, we don't eat lunch every day at Patois, but we like to make an effort to go there a few times. Sea Grapes is also special - nothing like eating lunch with your toes in the sand. You could go to Sea Grapes for some plantain chips and dip, too (you don't have to get a full lunch). Bob usually grabs some drinks from the Palms after we place an order at Sea Grapes. Here's a hint - Sea Grapes service can sometimes be hit or miss. I don't know why this is - it's always been like this. You definitely get better service if you sit on one of the bar stools where they can see you. But even then, the service can be kind of funky.

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