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    Default Is couples Barbados opened?

    I am looking to go to Barbados in mid may and I love the couples I would love to try out Couples Barbados but when I look on the travel websites, what would be couples Barbados is called by another name. So I am wondering if couples resort is actually managing the company now or if it's still under old management. Also I am wondering if all the renovations are complete...would not like to here a jackhammer during my vacations.

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    Couples Resorts took over the management of the Almond Casuarina Beach Resort on February 10. All "jackhammer" work has been completed however, the resort will not be branded as Couples Barbados until June 15.

    That said, most, if not all, enhancements should be nearly completed by the end of May.

    Couples Resorts

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    So all renovations should be done by 3rd week in August?

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    Randymon has said all renos will be completed by June 15th :-)
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