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Thread: May 2014

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    Default May 2014

    So excited was home four days and booked for next year. Anyone else doing a count down for May of 2014? I know understand why people do a count time after booking. Our first time was amazing

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    We will be making our First Trip to Negril in May 2014. We have been to CTI once. cant wait to be in Negril!

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    We will be there May 13-27 2014, with wedding on May 17. My second visit to CN, this will be her first.

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    This will be our second stay at CN form 5/2-5/11 and just booked split another three days at CSS. Already counting a week wasn't enough last year
    Colleen what are your dates?

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    We will be there 5/10 thru 5/17.

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    We Will be there May 10th thru May 17th.

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    We will be there 5/10 - 5/17

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    we just got home Saturday and booked 5/24 thru 5/31 must be something in the rum!

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    Hi Everyone! My husband and I are planning our first ever trip to CN!! My parents have been a few times and have loved every minute of it! Looking forward to spending our 1 year anniversary at CN! Not sure on the dates just yet, but we will be there May 2014!! See you soon!

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    We were at CN from May 25 to June 2 and have also booked for next year. We will be back from May 23 to June 1, 2014. Look forward to seeing everyone.

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    when do we start counting

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    2Liny: I have already began

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    This is our first time to Negril we were at CTI in 2012. How do the two compare?

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    Well I booked this morning. We will be back to CN 5/15 - 5/23/14 8 nights. We will be leaving the day before you get there "2LINY" so we still will not get to meet. "Sirdouglasb12", we will probably be attending your wedding since we usually set up near the wedding area on the beach. Not sure on when to start a countdown but I know it is over 330 days because I can't book airfare yet.

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    315 sleeps till we are back home

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    I'm so happy to be out of the 300s and into the 200s! Yay!

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    May 2014 is getting very little attention. Does this mean I get pick which room and building I want since it will be very few people there?

    250 days or 35 weeks or 8 and 1/2 months I will see a few of you there.

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    We'll be at CN from 5/9 to 5/17 for our 2nd visit. Colleen9902, CN is more spread out, has softer, whiter sand and more awesome sunsets than CTI.
    246 days, 15 hours, 4 minutes, and 35 seconds till we get there...and (for sure) counting!!

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    258 days to go as of sept 7 2013,almost time to book another.its a disease.

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    We will at CN April 30-May 7. This is our first Couples trip. I'm curious about the bugs. Mosquitoes don't like me in the states, but I've read some horror stories about people getting eaten alive in Jamaica. Are the bugs okay in early May?

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    could be something in our systems but we have never gotten bit or even saw any type of fly or mosquito at the resort in may.aug in css and still no bugs.

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    Never saw a mosquitoes but we always "bug spray" our legs before heading out onto the beach after sunset. Sand flea bites just make a walk on the beach less fun/romantic.

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    Thanks! I will bring one can of bug spray just to be safe.

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    Our May crowd is very quiet. I am getting close to deer hunting season and that will somewhat occupy my mind until after January.

    I do love my Couples vacation though!!!!!!!

    190 DAYS!!!!!!!!

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    Bostonwalt & The Mrs will be arriving 4/28 and get to play on both the April & May post. Will be at CN thru 5/4....3 timer at CTI, 1st timer to CN.....Looking forward to checking out more of Jamaica
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