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    Default May 29- June 2nd. 4th time, Can't wait!!! Art & Francine - Where are you???

    Joel & Mary - New York
    Will be back on May 29th - SO excited!!!!

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    Hi Mary (Angie) and Joel (Keanu)..... SUPER Excited for You Two! You are going to have Such a Great Time !! We just returned a couple of weeks ago from our 20th trip .... it just keeps getting Better
    We still go in the fall and spring ..... hope to see you two @ CN again some time !
    Have TOO Much Fun !! ENJOY and CHEERS !!!
    Art xo Francine

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    So nice to hear back from you!
    Yes, we will definitely have to meet up again sometime in Negril.
    We haven't been back in a couple years so I couldn't be more excited! 5th time!

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    Default Us too

    Quote Originally Posted by MaryConnally View Post
    Joel & Mary - New York
    Will be back on May 29th - SO excited!!!!
    Hi Mary,
    My wife Laurie and I will be there the same time. May 28-June 4. Sure hope to meet you. I'm the bigger Italian looking

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    So, shall I keep an eye out for a big Italian guy? lol??
    We actually arrive on the 29th - Should be at the resort by 1:00, SO excited!
    See you soon.........

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