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    Default Pumpkin Chicken Soup Recipe - YUMMY!

    10 Pax
    Type of Dish Soup
    Dish Name Pumpkin Capaccino with Bacon bits, Pumpkin Seeds and Creme Fraiche

    Quantity Ingredients
    2.5 Liters Chicken or Vegetable stock
    720 g Pumpkin diced
    1 g or 2 ea Bay leafe
    20 g Scallion chopped
    6 g Thyme leafe chopped
    120 g Onions chopped
    75 ml Corn oil
    10 g Salt
    3-4 g White pepper
    120 g Salted butter
    200 ml Heavy cream
    30 g Garlic chopped

    Quantity Ingredients for Condiments / Garnishing
    150 g Chopped Bacon cooked
    300 ml Creme Fraiche
    150 g Toasted Pumpkin Seeds
    Method for soup
    Heat pot with corn oil, saute chopped ingredients, add onions and continue to saute, when onions are almost cooked
    add Pumpkin and continue to saute for another 2 minutes, add stock and bring to a boil until pumpkin is very soft.
    Remove from heat and puree, return to heat, reduce heat, add cream and finish with salt and pepper.

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    Wow! This looks really good. We can`t get fresh pumpkin up here for most of the year. Is is possible to substitute cubed pumpkin for some type of canned pumpkin. I know it won`t be as good but you do what you can til your next trip home, right?
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    Thanks randymon, we loved that soup when we tried it!!!

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    Does anybody else realize that there is no chicken in the "pumpkin chicken soup" as the title states? I know its really talking about the pumpkin cappuccino, just thought I would point that out.

    Also, the soup was VERY good!!!

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    It is the chicken broth.
    And the Pumpkin soup is fantastic!!

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    Has anyone done a metric conversion on this recipe?
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    Is this the same pumpkin soup that we ate at CN last fall? If so -- OMG, it was AWESOME! I thought it had coconut in it, though.

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