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    Default CSS Pool by the lobby ever used?

    Do people use the pool by the lobby?

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    No, it is for decoration only (that's not to say that you can't swim in it, it's just that there are no lounge chairs around the pool at all, and no towels nearby). However, since Marvin does such a fantastic job of keeping it clean, we took pictures of us swimming in it to show him that his work was not all in vain! He got a real chuckle out of it!

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    It was never used when we were there. However that didn't stop us from enjoying it! We were heading up to our room one day (we were in F block) and in the heat of the day those stairs can make one very hott!! So we decided to jump in and cool off. It was lovely having the whole pool to ourselves. The only bummer to me is that they only ever run the fountain at night I really wish they would run it during the day as well that would have been icing on the cake

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    I'm going to swim in it on our trip this July. I don't think it's "just for decoration". I'm jumping in!!!

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    Marvin? I sure hope that's the same Marvin I am thinking of!!! We were there in March 2010 and Marvin was working with water sports and quickly became our favorite! We are returning in 15 days and I sure hope he is still there!


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    We used it.

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    Have used on previous visits and plan to use in October. Very quiet and you have the Balloon bar a few steps away. Floaties are available. Marvin is the best!!

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    I've used it. I've also seen others in the pool.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We saw a few people in it when we were there even though we never did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxernie View Post
    We saw a few people in it when we were there even though we never did.
    used all 4 pools both of our trips!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BriannLisa View Post
    Do people use the pool by the lobby?
    Okay. I can't believe nobody posted to this. While we were there someone used it. While we were waiting for the evening entertainment, just as the mic was being activated, some.....holding back expletive.....jumped into this pool and splashed the sound gear. this ended the evening entertainment before it started.

    I still say Couples should have shown this guy the curb.

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