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    I forgot to mention and forgive me if someone else brought this up but there was talk of koozies at the resorts. Well the logo shop at csa has the foam kind for beer cans and they have bottle shaped ones too. Nice

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    softail19. Did you notice if they still had the insulated cups for mixed drinks? Had some I bought a few years ago and they are wore out. Wondering if they still sold them. They have the resort name on them. Liked to use them on the beach . Keeps ice longer.

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    Wayne, I'm pretty sure I saw those. I had 450 dollars to spend so I went a little crazy from hats, tshirts flip-flops, koozie, coffee cups, and a really nice palm tree necklace. Oh and four bottles of rum cream. I remembered the bubble wrap so we had no breakage. I remember seeing some nice champagne flutes too with the logo. It's amazing the stuff you can buy in the gift shops. Well done couples.

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    Thanks softail. That will keep me from packing one. I lost a 30 dollar Harley Davidson insulated glass there in 2011. Still miss that cup.

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    Does anyone know if CSA still has Koozies and insulated cups in the shop? Less to pack and makes a great souvenir!

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    And I assume that if they are in the logo shop, they have the Couples logo on them, correct?
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    yes, they had them 3 weeks ago

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    Bubble wrap!! Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that!!

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    Madtown the last 3 trips I've brought bubble wrap for the rum cream and I also wrap that up in clothing and never had breakage.

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