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    Default Mosquitos in December???

    Hi All,

    Was curious if there are lots of mosquitos in December? My bf and I are going to CSA 12/14 - 12/22. I'm paranoid about mosquitos, they bite me through my clothes. Just wanna know if I should pack ridiculous amounts of bug repellant?


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    I go to CSA every year the second week in December. I am a firm believer that mosquitos LOVE me. I get bit everytime I am there. I would highly recommend bringing bug spray. They also sell a natural bug repellant at the gift shop.

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    There are mosquitos at CN in December so I am sure there are some at CSA also. I will say that they aren't as bad as they are at other times of the year & I was only bothered by them this past December (3rd time we've been in December) when they held the Christmas Eve cocktail party at CN around by the spa in the grass by the pond ..... They were really bad there but I never noticed them otherwise. I'd suggest the wipes with bug repellant on them ..... Easy to pack & easy to use.

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    Ask them for a mosquito candle. Bring plenty off repellant for the evening.
    Tropical paradise has mosquitos all year round. They come out at night.

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    I am more concerned about sand fleas than mosquitos...... At least you can tell when they are biting you.
    HATE those sand fleas!
    Jan and Mark
    CN 2009
    CSA 2011, 2013
    CSS 2014

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    Yes and Yes!

    I end up with lots of bites at all times of the year regardless of how much spray I use. Avoid the sports center across the street at dusk...that's when most of them found me.

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