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    Default CSA capacity in Nov.

    Based on past years, would anyone happen to know if the first week in Nov. is a busy time at CSA? We're thinking of upgrading our room, once we get there, from a GHVS to a Jazucci suite and we were wondering if that would be feasible based on availability.

    One other question.....this will be our first visit to CSA. What's the one thing we should definitely do/see at the Resort or while in Negril. Thanks

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    Default not sure

    I don't know about the first week but I do know that the resort is booked solid during the week we are there (11/6-11/13) according to our travel agent. She said that there MIGHT be one garden room available and that was just a might. You can search availability on this website or call to see what they have available right now. If you want to upgrade I would look into it asap and not wait until you get there.

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    I did check this site and it says no rooms available.
    I'm shocked as I thought Novemeber was a slower period for the resorts.
    We are going to be there 10/30 to 10/9.
    Who says the economy is bad right now?? lol

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    Don't worry about the upgrade. If it is available then good if not nothing lost. There are really no bad rooms at CSA. Well only two or three maybe.... But I would suggest going to Mayfield Falls. It will be a great trip and you will have some wonderful memories.

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    The jacuzzi suites in particular fill up quickly since there are only 4 of them, and they are used quite a bit by honeymooners. You MIGHT be able to get a BFVS, but the GHJS is unlikely.

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    Some must dos while at CSA:

    -Go to the Martini Bar above the Palms for a before or after dinner drink.
    -Make sure to go snorkeling. It was very romantic and relaxing.
    -Walk the beach. Just go to the beach and take a left (Margaritaville) or a right and just explore the local culture, arts, people, etc.

    -Take a stroll at night thru the CSA property. It is really cool the way they light things at night....very romantic and pretty.
    -Check out a sunset or two. There are bars right on the beach.

    Have fun!! I am so jealous. CSA ROCKS!!!

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    Another must do...spend time in the Piano Bar with Ultimate Chocolate. Also make sure you visit Seagrapes for Sweet Potatoe Chips, yummy!

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    I know the resort is totally full the week we are there 11/14-11/21.

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