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    Default calling all 2014 march maniacs

    ya mon, just booked , march 16 - 26 , atrium suites, hope to see the repeaters and some new faces.

    wayne and jan

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    Oh yeah, just booked as well... March 2 - 12 for our 25th anniversary...
    We will miss seeing our friends Waynef and Jan.. but Jan has to be there for her Birthday... you go girl... Who else is in???
    Let the countdown begin

    I will start a new spread sheet....

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    Greg and Robin from Michigan with KC and Sherri from Pennsylvania March 13 - 22.

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    ya mon, good to have you on board, robinH will add you to the spread sheet.

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    It' s official, the spread sheet has been started.

    MiGreg, let me know if you and your friends are celebrating any special events while at CSA. I will update the comments with that info...

    See the attached

    Only 41 more FF's

    March Maniacs 2014.xls

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    Only 40 more FF's...

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    We'll miss seeing you this year. We booked CSA for February 19 to March 1st. March Maniacs by one day.
    Did anyone ever read the Rolling Stones book?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SueandBill View Post
    We'll miss seeing you this year. We booked CSA for February 19 to March 1st. March Maniacs by one day.
    Did anyone ever read the Rolling Stones book?
    Hi Sue,
    Nice to hear from you... Joe and I will miss seeing you and Bill on the beach...
    Joe did start to read the book you left us, but he never did finish, and handed it off to my Step father.
    I beleive he then took it up to the book exchange above the Palms..
    We sure hope all is well and that you and Bill have a wonderful vacation...

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    ya mon robin, how many more Fridays? I know, too many....bless

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    36 FF's to go for me and 38 FF's for you and Jan...
    soon come

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    I'm sooooo excited, I miscalculated the FF's on my last post... I only have 30 more FF's..
    Wayne you only have 32 more FF's...
    yippie.. another week done...
    Soon come...

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    Well- I haven't booked our stay, but we are committed to go. I booked our airfare for February 27 thru March 8. Thursday thru Saturday. We could get 1st class, out of Bloomington, IL, for $920/person.

    Now I just have to wait for the "Fall in Love Again" special.

    EFF this Friday. It's time to talk about going to Jamaica!!!
    Last edited by yazmon; August 7th, 2013 at 01:54 PM.

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    ya mon yaz mon, you should be able to take some pictures for Robin of her vow renewal ceremony, im sure she will let you know the time and location.

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    Robin already has my services books--I work for beer!!!

    Just booked today. There were no Beachfront Suites or Premier rooms left. We booked a Beachfront Verandah for trip #13. We haven't been in a verandah suite since trip #2.

    Ya mon!!!

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    Yippee for Scot & Suzanne (aka Yazmon), Dan and Bea... what about the Callahan's???
    Already have the hook up w/ Yazmon for pics/videos.. for a 6 pack of Red Stripe of course...
    After tomorrow 29 more FF's

    updated spread sheet attached...

    March Maniacs 2014.xls

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    booked for march 18 - 22 ,, premier beachfront,, repeater to couples first time at CSA, 217d 15h 58m on the countdown clock.

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    Have booked Feb.26 -Mar.10. Last year did a CN/CSA split but our first visit back in 2005 was CSA and that just feels like home. Every year I do the Meet up if we go in Feb or Mar but rarely meet up with those on the thread. That may be due to my laziness when I get to CSA and vacation mode sets in.
    Last year did meet Waynef when I purchased a tshirt from Ray. Also Robin I believe I met your parents after you had left as they had that little statue guy that I saw on the board.
    Anyway this year I am going to make a point of trying to catch up with the March maniacs at some point in my vacation hopefully at the martini bar. As many have said let the countdown begin.

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    yippiee for andypapa and brennie...

    andaypapa, if you would like me to add your names, where you are from, and if you will be celebrating anything special while at CSA I can most certainly add it to the spread sheet.

    brennie, yes, we must meet up.. are you doing another split stay, and when will you be at CSA? I added you to the spread sheet for the time being.

    See the attached updated spread sheet

    March Maniacs 2014.xls

    Keep counting those FF's..

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    RobinH No just doing Swept Away this year. Really liked CN but just want to stay put this time around.
    When do you do your vow renewal? That is so cool to do it in Jamaica. Are your Mom and Dad coming down this year?

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    Nice, a whole 12 days chillen at CSA....
    We are looking at Tuesday March 4th...I have a few more questions that I need answered from the wedding person at CSA before we book it.
    Joe and I will be doing our vow renewal without any family.. long story... but if your around that day, stop by the wedding arch on the beach and watch me cry like a baby...I'm soo excited to be marrying my hubby all over again...
    My folks will be coming down to CSA on March 12th...

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    sounds to me ,,,, robin and joes vow renewal, one of the must do and see's of the first week of march, bring your camera and the champaigne, sounds like a party on the beach mon, I figure Tuesday, time to be announced, wish I could be there. lucky for those that are......

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    our names are andy and cathy ,,, from pembroke ma. got my dates wrong(split vacation) at CSW march 15 - 18

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    Joe & I wish you and Jan could be there as well... hey, you have plenty of time to re-book, right??? I know, I know, Jan needs to spend her B-Day at CSA...don't worry, we will take plenty of pics and send them to you two...
    Wayne's right, party on the beach.. bring your drink and make sure you dress up in your best swim suits for the occasion...

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    Welcome to the March Manics andypapa... your going to love CSA..
    updated spread sheet

    March Maniacs 2014.xls

    After tomorrow...28 more FF's
    One love...

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    Only 28 more FF's...

    Soon come

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