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    We were thinking timair but havent decided yet. Do you know how much 1 way is?
    Also i think we are on the same flight from halifax. Is there multiple planes with tim air or would we be on the same flight if we booked timair

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    Cant wait 4 more sleeps till CSA!!!!

    I heard the resort is sold out.

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    astephen, 3 mores sleeps! (if it everstops snowing!!) CSA soon come. We're on Westjet out of Halifax leaving bright and early. Timair was $280 per couple and if you manage to team up with another couple it drops to $236. I love the bus drive but been there so many times I enjoy getting to Negril alot faster with Timair. Not sure what the plane situation is but it takes 15 minutes down the coast and lands across from Couples Negril. 5 Minute taxi ride and poof you've arrived in Paridise. Room won't be ready but who cares cause you're there by 10:30 and the Bars are open! I've attached Timair contact info for you. I'll see you at the bar at the airport Monday am. lol Getting an early start!
    TimAir Limited
    Sangster International Airport
    Montego Bay, JAMAICA.

    TEL: (876) 952 2516
    FAX: (876) 979 1113

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    We arrive March 20th until April 2nd. Looking forward to a lovey holiday and relaxing on that beautiful beach!! Will be nice to leave our cold little village in England for a couple of weeks for some sunshine!
    Sue & Andy UK

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    My husband and I will be at CSA 3/28-4/3/14

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    Making our first visit to CSA! We arrive on Saturday (3/22) through the following Saturday (3/29). Any hints to make this the best trip ever??

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    hrhjennifer... my suggestion to make it the best trip ever... relax, take it all in, go for a long walk on 7 mile, dance the nights away, swing with the one you love in a hammock at sunset... just to name a few...

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