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    Hello all!!

    First post, we are here at CSA now for our 3 yr anniversary (first time away from our 2 young kids - eek) and loving it. We have a coffee question. We love jamaican coffee. Our options to buy are as follows: Gift shop at CSA, beach vendor or on Wednesday there is a 1.5 hr shoping excursion to times square I assume is in Negril. I think the coffee at the gift shop is a bit over priced so is it worth it to go on the shoping excursion to buy some coffe in Negril? Any help is appreciated.

    Scott and Nikki

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    Airport, I read about people getting bad coffee from beach vendors. I haven't been to times square but have used resort credits and bought from the gift shops. I'm thinking the airport has the best prices and 100 percent blue mountain.

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    Airport for sure! Best selection and prices.

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    If you want an "adventure" of sorts...there is a local in Negril by the name of Thunder....that roasts the beans he gets weekly from the blue mountains in front of you in his yard...and will sack them up and sell them to you cheaper than's a cultural experience as well as a will have to settle for whole beans though...rather than grounds
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    I'm still going to stand very firm on the "Don't buy beans from beach vendors" rule. If a local in Negril tells you that those mountains you see are where the Blue Mountain coffee is grown, and that his "yard" is close by, you'd best look at a Jamaican map. The Blue Mountain range, home of the worlds finest coffee (IMHO) is located in the far eastern area of the island, to the north and east of Kingston. I don't like to see people taken advantage in this way. I'm sure you can get a good buy on coffee beans on the beach. I can promise you, though, that they are NOT Blue Mountain Coffee.

    True Blue Mountain Coffee is regulated and indeed, branded by the Jamaican Government. But please don't take my word for it.

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    There's a great store in the airport that sells almost nothing but coffee. You can buy beans and ground in various sizes and brands. Their prices are lower than anywhere else on the Negril side of the island and the quality is guaranteed. You buy it after you check your bags and clear security so have room in your carry-on bag.
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    I just re-read Lisa-Pat's post and I have to apologize... I found a different inflection (roasting the beans in front of you) from that when I originally read your post yesterday (roasting the beans from the mountains in front of you). I guess its not out of the question that Thunder may have a line on some beans that he roasts as a cottage industry. It's been done before (Selina's Café on Norman Manley), and some of the purveyors are respected business people in the community. It's not a stretch. BUT... I would still suggest avoiding beach vendors if you don't want to be taken advantage of.

    There is a secondary market on the island of people who procure "floaters"... coffee cherries that have not reached the appropriate density and float on the sorting vats... and then dry and roast them, passing them off as "Blue Mountain". Technically, these beans come from the same trees on the same estates as those that make their way into those bags you find in the airport shops. But the quality control phase has separated them from the product that is regulated by the industry.

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