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    Default Booking Online VS Phone

    This will be our first trip to Couples...Would it better to talk to a person, I know I can't ask for a certain room, but you can Request a certain Block...But I don't see where you can do that Online...BTW, it's CSS.

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    Hi Joe, You cannot request a specific block via phone or online. You can request a specific block or room upon arrival at the resort. You can let the hotel know a "preference" but there are no advance guarantees for the location of the room category you selected. We are coming up on trip #7 to CSS. If we have been disappointed with a room assignment, we politely ask the front desk staff if another room is available, and if it is, they gladly will gladly give you that room or give you another room when/if one becomes available. I hope you have a wonderful trip to paradise.

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    Thank you SuzyQ for clarifying.

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    In my experience you get a better deal by booking the room and your flights together on The Couples website also had better prices than the other travel sites. If you book by phone they can book the room only so you'll have to find your flights elsewhere.

    One benefit of booking over the phone is they may have availabilities when the website says the resort it's fully booked. We experienced this on our recent booking. They only make a certain portion of the rooms available online. Finally, make sure you book as far in advance as possible to be sure to get the room type that you want!

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    I'd really suggest shopping around a little more. I found two online travel agencies that were about $400 cheaper than Couples' advertised price for eight nights in an Atrium Suite next May. And our TA's price was almost $500 less.

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