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    Default So excited I just had to do my pre-check!

    we don't even arrive until June 1st but I couldn't wait. I am dreaming, daydreaming and talking about it!!!!
    This is the first time we have taken a vacation a year after the last one! Just got my flights together, this is the first time we waited to get them so late in the game but the prices stayed the same. we are looking forward to visiting CTI this year, and maybe doing more than sitting on the beach. but probably not. beach in the morning , mineral pool in the afternoon. Can't wait tip we go home again to CSS!!!!

    Kelly and Clive

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    That's awesome! I did ours pretty early last year. I'm trying to hold out until at least a month before this time around. Hope you have a great trip!!

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    Kelly..I too am SO excited for my trip! I don't leave until September 15th and I did pre-check in yesterday, I just couldn't wait lol..We are doing our wedding-moon September 15th-21st at CTI..This is our first trip to couples or Jamaica..I can't stop thinking about it and reading these boards

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    5 more sleeps for us to CSS. We are doing our pre-check in tonight!

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    soontobemrsv- you are too funny! i can tell you that it will be awesome! The weddings/vow renewals are amazing. We often will watch the ceremonies.

    Melvin- have a wonderful time!

    Allans-Angel- it really is hard to not do the pre-checkin. I am so excited because we got the early booking with 300 room credit and (this time our rewards didn't expire) an extra 100 room credit. I have already spent it! lol

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