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    Default CTI: Saturday Night: A celebration of gourmet cuisine from around the world. ????

    Can someone tell me what this is? Is it served on the beach, or the front lawn, or is it a special menu in all the restaurants that evening? If so, any recommendations on where to eat this particular night?

    Thanks in Advance!

    (PS I know we can't go wrong - just gathering thoughts!)

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    On Saturdays most of the restaurants are closed except for the buffet (Patio) and they go all out on the offerings they have. They set up tables and chairs around the main pool and you can also eat at Patio. The pool grill is closed and they fill that space with tables covered in the most delicious desserts!

    It's a nice change of pace from the other nights, the food is so darn good, and you can't go wrong with any of the desserts they offer.

    To specifically answer your questions: it is not served on the beach or the front lawn, nor is it a special menu in the all restaurants - it is served in the Patio restaurant and they offer a variety of foods from around the world.

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    Saturday night is the Gala. At TI it is held on the front lawn. The lawn is magically turned into a romantic venue with lighting in the trees and bushes. There are several food stations set up to bring you a really great international feel. It is one not to be missed.

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    The Gala is buffet style with tables set up and live entertainment. It used to be held by the pool. When we were there 2 Saturdays ago it was held on the front lawn (and it was gorgeous). There is a large variety of gourmet cuisine, lovely ice sculptures, and a bar.
    Juell and Andy (Jandy)

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    It is an evening of food stations set up buffet style outside at CTI on the front lawn near the enterance to the resort. A wide variety of foods from around the world are available with bar service or waiters for drinks and many large round tables for all the guests to share. You dine under the stars with other guests in the romantically lit venue. Musical entertainment is on stage after a little while and it is a fun evening for all. Plan on going if you are available as most restaurants are closed that night.

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    The Saturday night gala was outstanding. We were there the first and second Saturday to experience the new venue. A vast improvement on the "gala" being held in the main dining room. I think it's even better than the set-up they used to do around the pool. But, that's just me. I think this will get a lot of buzz.
    One note however, I do not recommend that women wear high heels. Being that it is held on the front lawn, we saw a couple of women with their heels stuck in the ground.

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    We missed this when we were there in January. We were only there 5 nights and missed the gala and also lobster night. This sounds fantastic, and I sure hope they're still doing it in January 2014!

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    We were there as well opening night as well. I think the lighting was done wonderful and the way they had the food laied out was great. there was plenty of room for everybody even though the hotel was fully booked. We had the pleasure to dine with Richie & Syl AKA Crabracer. IT was a lot of fun. Perhaps it could have used some candles or some sort of light on the tables, it was a bit dark.

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