Hi all, 11 days until we arrive at CSS for our honeymoon. I have a quick question for people who have just returned from their trip, etc-- how bad are the jellyfish right now? I know that it's tough to predict when they'll be there in abundance, so I was just wondering if anyone who's been to the area recently had any big encounters (I know that there'll always be some). I'm pretty severely allergic to many types of jellyfish (I'm also a reef ecologist, ironically, but am not too familiar with Jamaica), so I want to avoid having my trip ruined by massive, extremely painful welts :P I dive for work so I'm usually in a wet suit, gloves, etc which keeps me pretty well protected (still get the occasional sting to the face...no fun). However, we won't be diving on this trip, only snorkeling. I'll be bringing a rash guard and board shorts as well. Thanks!