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    Default Another Awesome Trip To CSA

    This was trip #5 to CSA. I was a little worried about things Ive read about service and things but this trip was better than ever.
    The airport was basically empty on April 13th when we landed. Zipped right through the lines and had 2 beers in the lounge. Andre our driver was a hoot and we really enjoyed the ride to csa. Stopped halfway for a potty and beer break, very quick stop. Got to csa around 530 pm and checked in quickly. Colins smiling face greeted us and took us to our gvs.
    Loved our roon, 1108. its an older refurbished gvs with lush vegetation around the large veranda. The bathroom has been remodeled and the large shower can fit two easily. The really nice things are the plush towels and bed linens. I really apreciate that. Minibar wasnt stocked fully but they showed up a couple hours later, no problem. We got a key for our veranda but wasnt told it would cost 20 dollars until checkout. I dont mind paying for things like that, we should be told of those charges ahead of time I think.
    I brought a plastic bag for the beach and our key and key cards.I also put my smart phone in there too and our room key quit working a couple of times. We were told that my smart phone reacts with they key cards that way so beware of that.
    The beach is as gorgeous as ever and the water seemed even warmer than I have ever felt it. The mornings were spectacular and we had plenty of beach time. The afternoons we got some rain and sometimes rained all evening a couple of nights.
    The food and service was better than ever. The only issue was one lunch at Seagrapes when we were totally ignored. We stuck it out as we love the snapper sandwiches and sweet potato chips and dip so much. All the other restaurants and bars were great. My favorites were Seagrapes of course, the breakfast pizza and smoothies at Patios, The jerk chicken and patties at Cabana grill, The Lionfish at Feathers, The pad thai at Lemongrass and all the fresh salads and unbelievable desserts at the Palms.
    I tried the standup paddleboard a couple of times , and kayaked to . Really fun and saw some star fish the water is so clear out there. Thanks to Orlando for the lessons!
    We took advantage of the laundry sevice this time and spent some resort credits on that as we ran out of casual clothes, duh. Housekeeping picked it up in the morning and we had it back in the late afternoon or evening. Nice service if you end up needing it.
    We enjoyed the catamaran cruise as usual and we did Ricks cafe and the One Love Pub Crawl. Just a little warning about that, the bus seats 20 and we had fourty people on it . Very uncomfortable but we had fun . It ran long, about too bars tto long imo. We got back late, 8pm I think. probable wont do it again but Lenbert was a good and safe driver.
    We met alot of the team CSA people too and want to give a shout out to Tom and Dorothy for organizing the fundraising for the Issa Trust Foundation. They have raised a large amount of money for the kids of Ja. Plus thank you for the nice shirts.
    For all you smokers, there are new cig recepticle cylinder thingies around the resort, good idea and Just for kicks I asked how much cigs were at the gift shops and they are 9.50! 12 bucks at a store down the road. Im glad I quit! I ran out of sunscreen and had to buy some spray, 19 bucks so just fyi.
    In closing, I wanted to give a shout out to some special employees that made our stay wonderful. Colin the bellhop, Venece our housekeeper kept our room sparkling, Ricardo at the swimup bar was always smiling and friendly, Tori Ann and Rochelle at Patios and Feathers, awesome servers, and lastly Orlando in watersports. He probable got a few chucles watching me on the paddleboards haha.
    I forgot to mention the continental breakfast we had delivered to our room every morning was delish and on time.
    Thank you Randymon for the resort credits, we managed to spend it all somehow and our rum cream got home in one piece. Thank you csa for another AWESOME vacation, Jim and Sara, softail19
    if anyone wants some pics of our gvs or other shots, feel free to email,

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    Great attitude about the small stuff!! Things always happen.

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    Why did you have to pay for the key to the room?
    We leave in two days and this is the first I have heard of this?

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    They have keys now to go in through your veranda ? They Charged extra to use the key for your veranda?

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    Thanks for awesome review!

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    Yes, they charged us for the veranda key, I don't mind paying for it, I just don't like surprises.

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    Softail - thanks for posting the review. I agree completely about the One Love Pub Crawl. I'm glad we did it in January, but it was much longer than people had said it was. We got back at 7:30, and I was really hoping to be back right after sunset. And since I work for a company that beats workplace safety into our heads, it was disturbing to have the bus overflowing with people. I can't tell you how many times my foot got stomped on by the people standing.

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    Bobandjudy, I agree, there was a large group that got quite lit up and we got outnumbered. They kept saying "one more bar" and then jokingly said 5 more bars lol, we would have gotten a taxi if that was the case. We've done it, had fun but it was challenging!! Don't get me wrong, I do like my cocktails, it just went too long

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    Softail...i do not agree with you. I was one of the people with you on the pub crawl...probably one of the ones that had a little too much to drink. I did not think it went too long. Hell, it was one of the more fun things I did while i was on vacation. When you think of a pub usually think of it going ALOT longer into the night. 8 o'clock is not late. I do agree that the bus was over crowded. I think he should either have less people go on it...or get a bigger bus. But the way I looked at it was that it was just part of the experience.

    Another thing i hate Softail is that we didn't meet each other. We talked to each other for almost a year....and didn't even get to say Hi to each other.

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    We also paid $20 for the veranda key in March. I completely understand the rationale for the charge. If the key is lost, or not returned, the resort must change the lock on the veranda. Every guest is issued a key card, at no expense, for the back entry.
    Jan and Mark
    CN 2009
    CSA 2011, 2013
    CSS 2014

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    Fozzy, it's just that my honey jim doesn't drink much, I like to drink and he got bored. I kind of expected to be back at the resort around a certain time and it didn't work out. No big deal for us really but some people had dinner reservations, we didn't. Jim just sat on the bus the last couple of bars. Yes , he can be a party pooper sometimes. We are an odd couple
    I looked for you and thought I saw you at the resort, said hello, wrong person. Sorry we didn't get to meet too. I hope your trip was as good as ours was and yes, less people on the bus or a bigger bus!

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    Fozzy, I should explain a little. I was a little unfair to my honey. There is an age difference between us. I'll be 50 in the fall (yikes)! and jim just turned 63. I selfishly booked the pub crawl because I wanted to go. He could take it or leave it, more leave it! He does alot of things he doesn't want to do because we're married. All couples do. He really is a good sport and a young 63! That's why I love him so much. It's all about compromise. Maybe see you next time.

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    we were charged for the verandah key last october, but it was like a deposit. when we returned the key, we were refunded the 20 bucks. no harm no foul.

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    I thought the $20 for the Veranda door key was a deposit. Is it a charge? Or do you get your $20 back when the key is turned in?

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    I turned the key back in at checkout but didn't notice the charge right away on my invoice. I don't think it was removed from the charges, I didn't make a fuss. I threw away my invoice. Oh well. Sorry for the confusion.

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    The charge for the key is a deposit - it is refunded when you return it.
    Jan and Mark
    CN 2009
    CSA 2011, 2013
    CSS 2014

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