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    Default Wine tasting class?

    Hi all,
    I saw a photo on the Couples's FB site today of a wine tasting class at San Souci. Does anyone know if all the resorts do this? I would go if they have the class at CTI during our next trip!

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    I would definitely LOVE to know this as well! We're wine-o's We'll be at CSS.

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    Didn't see it on any of the activities lists for CSA when we were there earlier this month, but wishing they would add that at all of the resorts!

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    I would check it out if they had it at CSA.

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    We just did the wine tasting at CSS on Thursday. OMG it was fun and we tried a lot and learned a lot. They even will give you a discount on a $$ bottle if you go to event and then order the bottle. Was Great.

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    Ok this was actually really annoying to us. Each schedule and book said something different. It's actually THURSDAY at 5pm. Our schedule said Thursday at 6pm - some said Monday. No one seem to know what was going on. Needless to say our group missed it - but it looked fun!

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    I think it was funny now that I look back at it that no one at any of the restaraunts mentioned to me about the wine tasting . I ordered wine with every dinner and some lunches we even bought a couple bottles of wines to go with our meals . The schedule in the binder doesn't have listed for Thursday but the paper that came in the little folder had it on it but I really didn't read it because went by the binder . Would have been nice to go to , maybe next time .

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