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    Default Share a plane to Negril?

    Arriving May 4th at 1030 am on American Airlines flight 1791 anybody interested in sharing a TimAir shuttle to Negril. $125.00 each reduced to 110.00 if we have four guest. My wife and I are are party of two about you!

    Departing MBJ on the 11th a 230PM if you want to make it a RT

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    If you were April 27 to May 4th you would have a deal - enjoy the ride - with luggage and all 4 people can be a tad crowded so if you don't get any takers enjoy the extra room - we land at 952 am on the 27th and leave 230 pm on the 4th - ya mon

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    We booked solo but they put us with another couple - saved some money without trying !

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    dang it...we are on the American flights sun-sun 5th-12th.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bert View Post
    We booked solo but they put us with another couple - saved some money without trying !
    Lucky you! We booked solo and they put with another couple but did not give us a dime back in refund! And kimgmelon was right, four people with luggage in that small plane is very crowded. I was in the very back and am slightly claustrophobic, so it was a very uncomfortable plane ride for me.

    Also, beware of the taxi ride from the Negril airstrip to CN. The resort is about 80 yards from the Negril airstrip, close enough to walk if you didn't have any heavy luggage, but our taxi driver charged us $8.00. We thought the taxi ride to take us across the street would be free since we had arranged the flight through the Couples website. I figured that since the transportation from the MoBay airport to CN was complimentary, the transportation from the Negril airstrip, which is just 80 yards from CN, would be complimentary, too. Wrong!

    When we exited the taxi my husband tipped the driver $3.00 and we began to walk away and the taxi driver said, no, you owe me $5.00 more. So we paid him, but $8.00 to go 80 yards? It's not that $8.00 is a lot of money but hey, the resort was literally ACROSS THE STREET! I had done my homework and hadn't read anything at all about the "transportation" from the Negril airstrip to the resort on this board or anywhere else. Hopefully my experience will help somebody else. I'll bet if you negotiate with the driver you can get a better fare.

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    anyone know the taxi price from the negril airstrip to couples swept away? we are thinking of taking timair on our trip in september.

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