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    Just booked our 2014 trip; only 294 days until we're home again on February 10th for two glorious weeks! This trip cost less than last year by over $600. What a blessing! Let's hear from you if you'll be there next February.

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    Just booked Feb 1 - 9! We have always been leaving when they were putting up the SuperBowl screen so this time we are going to be there for SuperBowl!!!!!

    This will be our 9th trip to Jamaica! Fifth time to CN! Can't wait 277days!!!!

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    Donna and I have booked FEB 15-22nd 2014.

    First time to Jamaica/Couples for us, I did a lot of research before choosing, and who could pass this resort up after going through so many great stories on this message board. Thanks to all for contributing.

    We will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary where so far, sounds like the dream vacation destination.

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    CSS Feb 15-22 2014.. Celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary.. This will be our first visit to Jamaica, we are so looking forward to it. The message board made the decision to choose Couples resorts so easy with so many great discussions.. 245 days and counting.

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    Feb 1-8 for us!! We were married at CN in 2007. I visited Couples TI back in 1997 when it was Couples OR, looking forward to seeing all the renovations!! February can not get here soon enough! 171 days!!

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    Just booked Jan 30 to Feb 10th! Fist time for us in Jamaica lookin forward to it. Do they have theme nights at the hotel?

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    Just booked out 2014 trip! February 16th - 26th. This is our 4th trip to a Couples resort and our 2nd time to CTI. Only 152 days until paradise.

    The link below is their current activities and social schedule. There is also a bulletin board located in the main dining area that will have highlights of the day's activities.

    Suggestion. The beach is nice but the water in the beach area has some rocky areas. Bring along some aqua shoes. Or you can always buy some at the gift shop when you get there.

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    Getting a little closer. February 16th - 22nd. Only 99 ore days until paradise!

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    Bill and Peg will be there from February 26- March 4. Doing a split stay this year, and will be at CSS from Feb. 22-25. This is our 15th visit to CTI!

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    Will be there Feb 8-15th. First time to CTI. Went to Couples Negril last year. Hoping for the same experience!!!

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    Only 28 more days! Time to check and see if we need anything. My luggage is in the closet starting a slow rattle begging me to pack them!

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    Just booked CTI for 10-17 Feb, 1st time there but 13th visit to Couples!

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    Arriving Feb 8 and we are getting so excited! Third visit to CTI and fourth to a Couples resort. Love coming to Jamaica when the weather is so cold at home. The resort is so nice and the staff so friendly. We love the fact that we can wine and dine, listened to music and stroll back to our room without worrying about driving home.

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    We'll be there Feb. 8-11, then we're heading to CSS until the 15th. Can't wait to be back on the island. It was 3 degrees in St. Louis when we got up this morning. Thoughts of Jamaica & the Couples resorts are the only thing keeping us going right now. Soon come!

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    we are CTI newbies Feb. 19-26 - So excited !! We can't wait to escape this cold Ottawa weather!

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    We will be there from February 16th the 26th. Cold in Northern Wisconsin also. Right now we are getting snow with a -15F (-26C) wind chill. It is only supposed to get worse during the next week. In the next few days we expect -5F (-20C) for a daytime high, negative teens for lows, and wind chills around -30F (-34C). Brrrrrrrrr. I am so ready for Jamaica and Couples. Maybe we will see you there.

    Only 22 more days until we return to CTI. Getting a little bit closer every day.

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    My husband and I will be at CTI Feb 10-17Th!

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    It's our first trip and we will be there Feb 12-Feb16!

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    Feeling very excited - Only 9 days to Paradise (CTI)!

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    Weather is great people sunny and 85 everyday since sat the 8th. Better than 17 today back home in Missouri. Just relaxing with cold red stripe on balcony till repeaters dinner tonight

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    My boyfriend and I will be at CTI for our first time to a Couples resort (and Jamaica) Feb. 16-20. Super excited to get out of the cold in NYC and get some sun. Pulled this from another thread b/c I thought it was fun and provided a little more information for anyone else who happens to be there when we are.

    NAME: Tom and Andrea
    AGE: 30 & 28
    DATES OF TRAVEL: February 16-20
    TRIPS TO Couples Resorts: First timers
    ROOM TYPE: unknown (did the Secret rendezvous package)
    WHERE ARE YOU FROM: New York City
    WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO: Sun, the beach, a yummy drink here and there, trying out scuba diving
    WILL YOU GO A/N: If I can talk him into it. Not usually something I would try, but a private island with it's own bar and little pool? Have got to at least check it out.
    DRINK YOUR LOOKING FORWARD TO: Not picky, just looking forward to one on the beach
    KIDS: None
    LEVEL OF EXCITEMENT (1-10) 15 - Have been spending wayyy too much time checking out the website, TripAdvisor, YouTube... you name it!

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    that sounds heavenly!

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    Wife and I will be here on the 16! Can't wait. Coming from Michigan and will be celebrating 29 years together. Might even try the island lol

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    Four more sleeps (TWTHFR)and a plane ride until paradise. First trip to CTI, 4th to Couples. Cannot wait to get some Red Stripe, some sun, some beach, some diving, and some much needed time alone with my wife. (In no particuliar order!)Have to get the couples trips in now while the grandpas and grandmas are still around to watch the kids. May God slow down the world so time passes very very slowly for us the week of the 15-22!

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