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    Are there couples photographers that take pictures out and about on the resort of guests? The last all inclusive we went to offered this and you could purchase any or none of the pictures that were taken. Thanks in advance! Only a few more days until we are there!!!!!

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    Yes, there are photographers around to take pictures of you and you can purchase them at the photo desk.
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    yes, there are photographers on the property. You can even schedule a photo shoot during your stay.

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    Yes, there are! You can even arrange for a special session with a photographer and you are under no obligation to purchase any of the photos. The last night that my DH and I were at CN last September we arranged to have a special photo session on the beach at sunset with one of the staff photographers. We were only going to buy a few photos but they turned out so beautifully that we bought a complete package, including a large portrait suitable for hanging over our bed. The in-house studio can do minor retouches, too.

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    Yep and the prices for the pics are reasonable.
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    Hi this sounds great, can you remember what the cost was for a photoshoot and the price of the photos please?

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    Thanks for the information! Tomorrow morning we board our plane!!!!

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    Does anyone remember how much the photos cost? Also, just to clarify, the photo session is free?

    We went to Sandals Monetgo Bay for our honeymoon 2 years ago and the prices were crazy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by flamegirl View Post
    Hi this sounds great, can you remember what the cost was for a photoshoot and the price of the photos please?
    The smallest package was 3, 5 x 7 pics for $65.00. No charge for the photographer. We did not buy any, mostly because of the price. Seems high to me.

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    The pictures are a bit pricey, but we used our resort credit for them. Photographers take pictures at all the restaurants, and at various other times, so there is a good variety. You can book a special photo session, but I tell you, we did that and had a pretty bad experience. For some reason, the photo desk booked us for our session right before a wedding, and our photographer rushed us through our session. We literally had to run to keep up with him, and we could tell he was in a huge hurry - he came across as plain rude. We were done with the whole thing in under 10 minutes. We almost didn't buy ANYTHING because of the experience, but there were a few photos we really wanted. I'm sure if the photo desk had booked us earlier, our experience would have been a lot better...he would have taken his time and we would have enjoyed it instead of feeling brushed off.

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