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    Default Anyone use the Dry Cleaning/Laundry service at CN?

    Just wondering if anyone can share their experience with the cost and turn around time with getting some clothing laundered or dry cleaned while at CN? Any help appreciated.

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    Trying to save room for rum cream I actually didn't pack enough clothes and wet stuff started to smell so we had 3 tshirts,3 shorts,1shirt, and 2 swim suits laundered for 27 dollars . Suits are 3 bucks, shorts are 4 bucks, tshirts are 2 dollars , and dressy shirt was 3 bucks. We put the clothes in the basket you'll find in the closet, fill out the form, call housekeeping and they'll pick it up. We got it back in the late afternoon, early evening.

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    Roy, the prices I listed are from csa. I would imagine cn would be similar.

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    Used the service in Mar. I spilled red wine on my white capris first night there and since I counted on wearing them more than once I tried the laundry service.
    They will get them back to you within 24 hrs. Cost for capris was 3.50. And yes they got the red wine stain completely out.

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    They do a great job, used them many times!

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    We like to travel light, and have been known to stay a week or more with just carry-on luggage (at places that have a nude beach). Thanks for your replies and the info. The prices seem a little strange if a Suit costs less to have cleaned than a pair of shorts, but it is what it is I guess.

    My concern stems from a bad experience at another resort in recent years when the stuff we sent was two days late and we had a plane to catch.

    I just want to make sure the price is fair and that return is quick or at least consistent.

    If anyone else has first hand experience with this at CN please chime in!
    Thanks much!

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