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    That depends on you.

    Some people will tip the driver $5 per bag. Some will tip more. Personally it depends on the drivier - how interactive was he? Did he offer any informaiton regarding the parishes we're driving through? Did he stop to pick up his dry-cleaning? Did he wait until he had a bus full of people to stop and get gas? Did he make an extra pit stop to allow someone to relieve their bladder from too many Red Stripes in the lounge? etc. I can say I've tipped as little as $10 and as much as $30.

    Baggage handlers/Porters get $1-$2 per bag at the airport.

    I always bring extra to support the locals on the beach, or to pick up a wood carving, a painting, or something else to decorate my tropical paradise at home.

    You can literally bring $30 and go home with change if you want, or you can bring $300 and go home with nothing. I prefer to bring the latter and have left-over.
    I agree with this for sure. I've tried talking my cousin into going with us and gave him the example of, what I have in my pocket now I can just about come home with except for a few dollars. It really does all depend on what you do while you are there. This past trip my wife and I each took $200 in cash with us (she probably took more). And I know I came back with over $100. Now we didn't have time to shop at the airport either like in past trips. Baggage check in took forever. We had 1/2 an hour from security until they started boarding the plane this trip. It was nice to get right on the plane but the baggage check in was horrible. (AirTran)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stacie & Chris View Post
    I knew I liked you for a reason Wally! I do a spreadsheet for my packing list. Awesome idea doing it for the tips. <runs off to create another spreadsheet>. Lol
    I love spreadsheets. I just happen to have 3 of them open right now! Of course we don't follow this spreadsheet to a "T" when we get there, but it gives me a good idea of how much we'll need. Because I take cash for meals in the airports that I plan on using a credit card for, we always come back with leftover cash. I learned in Boy Scouts to "Be Prepared" for unexpected expenses.
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