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    Default Why so booked up April/May?

    Got the wild hair to look into an Anniversary/mothers day trip (they're about 12 days apart), but ALL four resorts are pretty much booked up for the rest of April and most of may. What's the deal...I've never seen them sell out like that at all four at one time. Is something going on? Would they reduce capacities or has tourism travel really picked up?

    I think the trip is mostly a dream at this point though.

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    Very popular time of year to go - before hurricane season and after Christmas winds/rain. We are going to CN and it has been sold out for most of April for a few months. Maybe go to allinclusive outlet and see if they have anything. Capacity not reduced at this time as one of their busiest I believe. GOOD LUCK

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    Really?? I'm pretty sure you will find this in most tropical destinations. The rates drop in April after "peak season". Hurricane season begins June 1, so it's only natural that April and May are sold out months...not just at Couples. Suggestion, book early. We're already booked for April and December 2014.

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    Call the 800#, there may be availability that you aren't seeing on the website.
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    Are you looking at '13 or '14? Of course'13 will be booked. I would be surprised if all 4 resorts are already booked for '14.

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    I second that Coloradojuli says - phone Couples and check. On the UK site today (24th) there is availability at CTI from 19th May, for earlier dates it says to call them because, although there is high demand, there may be rooms available.

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