My wife and I just returned from CSS (April 13-20). Here are my thoughts:

Getting there:

Jacksonville to Miami to Montego Bay on American Airlines. No problems at all with the flights. We arrived at the gate in Montego Bay at 10:25AM after leaving Jacksonville at 6:15AM. We had no wait at all at Customs and our checked bag was waiting for us at baggage claim. Grabbed a Red Stripe at the Couples lounge and left the airport at 11:05AM. Arrived at CSS at 12:45PM, checked in right away (room not ready yet) and was eating lunch at 1:00PM. Needless to say, we got there quickly.

Our Room:

We booked a one-bedroom ocean suite and asked for G-16 or G-14 at check-in. They said G-14 was available. We didn't get into the room until 5:00PM - no big deal, the bars are open. They gave us a coupon for a free couples massage for our troubles but it was really no inconvenience and we had made a special request. It was very nice of them. G-14 has a beautiful view and is huge. On a previous trip we had been in B-block. The room was always spotless and we had turndown service every night. You can hear the music from the house band on the lanai and I viewed this as a plus. G-block is just around the corner from the reception area, Balloon Bar, and Casanova which made it convenient. You can get to the mineral pool and spa in just a minute or so if you take the elevator. We will definitely try for G-block again in the future.


We ate dinner 3 times at Casanova and it was very good but the house red wine is so-so. The house white is better. We didn't order any of the extra cost wines. We had one dinner at Palazzina and it was good but we preferred Casanova. The Beach Party and Gala had a huge selection and everything was very good. I actually think they overdue it for the Gala with respect to food choices. We attended the Repeater's Dinner - it was half plated/half buffet with surf and turf. It was very good and worth attending. It looked like about 100 people attended or about 1/3 of the total guests (I believe it was sold out that week). We split lunched between Palazzina and the beach grill. Both were very good - loved the Jerk Chicken at the beach grill. We had omelets most mornings for breakfast from Edgar - worth the wait. The desserts were excellent and they have very good Cappuccino.


Perfect. Not a drop of rain during the days, rained one evening around 2AM. A few clouds one day but mostly very sunny. Temperatures rose into the 80's during the day.

Water Sports:

The snorkeling was so-so - not a lot of fish but we have been spoiled by the BVI. We went out twice - 2 foot swells. I have some ear issues that have put an end to scuba diving for me - kinda bummed over that. I went out one day on a catamaran with Amalachi from water sports (nice guy). Plenty of wind all the time. They have 4 cats and they are in great shape except for the largest one (with a jib) that was down waiting on parts.


All the bartenders were great. Never waited long for a drink. The smoothies at the bar at the Mineral Pool are great.

Classes and spa:

My wife took one of the Yoga classes and she really liked it (she teaches Yoga so she knows what a good class is). We did a couples message and she went back for 2 other messages and a facial. We had $300 in resort credit (plus the coupon for the couples message) so this only cost us tips for the very good spa staff.


We had been to the Falls before and the other excursion didn't really interest us so we never left the property.

Getting home:

We left CSS about 4.5 hours before our flight. No problems getting to the airport - about 1.5 hours - a bit quicker than the trip to CSS. The airport was busy but no problems checking bags and getting to the gate. The plane left on time. Our connection was in Miami and we had a 3.5 hours layover. The airport was was very busy and it took us 2 hours to get to our departure gate after clearing customs, picking up and rechecking our luggage, and going through security. The final leg left on time and we arrived home on schedule.