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    Thanks for the reply. Again, don't stress over reporting back, that is not what you are on vacation for. Only if you get on the computer anyway. We have been to SSB several times, and yes, the beach area is pretty large. There should be plenty of room for all of us, especially since there will probably be some cancellations and resort changes due to the construction. I hope you guys have a blast. I guess we will only be there with you for one full day, but we will definitely say hello. We saw your pic on the Getting to Know You thread, and we posted a pic of us on there, a couple of days ago. Thanks again! Jim and Jess

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    I told you wrong on the last post. Our pic is posted on the "Sept. 2013" Meet Up thread, not the "Getting to Know You" thread. Just didn't want you to think I was crazy, or something. Ha! Jim

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