Horseshoes and Shuffleboard. Does Couples feature either of these?

The horseshoes I'm at most semi-serious about. It's not like I play them a lot, really more like once in a blue moon. It's always been kind of a picnic-like activity for me, but it makes for a good natured fun, especially when playing with beer(s) in hand of course.

Now as to shuffleboard, it's really more of an inside joke for Rosa and me. We've been to Hawaii several times over the years and it seems that no matter where we've stayed, there was always a shuffleboard court somewhere on the property. As a kind of 'tradition', we always play one game and one game only. Actually, we don't even play a real game, being we don't have a clue as to the rules or stuff. We just play until we get bored with it, usually around 15-20 minutes after we start.

So if it's there at Couples, we'll obviously have to keep tradition alive!