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    Default Excited first timers to CSA! ? One Love Pub Crawl

    Hi all! We are going to be going to CSA for the first time 9/11 - 9/17. We would love to meet up with anyone who is going at the same time! This is also going to be our first all inclusive vacation.

    We were reading about the One Love Pub Crawl. Has anyone ever been on this? We would like to meet up with couples for that as well if anyone was planning on going! I know it is still 4 months away but we are getting anxious!

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    Check out the meetup threads above for csa. We did the crawl a couple weeks ago and it was fun but be prepared to be on a very crowded bus most likely. We went to some really cool joints up on the cliffs.

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    My husband and I arrive at CSA on 9/5 and leave on 9/13. We're are thinking about going on the One Love Pub Crawl also but not sure which day.

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    If you're young and like being with a bunch of people consuming large amounts of alcohol, you'll have a blast. Why anyone would want to go somewhere on a hot, crowded bus and PAY for booze when you're at an all-inclusive resort is a bit beyond me If you want the local experience, take a walk to the left down the beach and hit a few local bars. Enjoy!

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    The One Love Pub Crawl is a GREAT way to get to see and experience a bit of the cliff area. I did it in December and highly recommend it! Just don't make dinner reservations for that night..

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    I think I'm looking forward to seeing a different area of Negril than I will see while at the resort.

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